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Insects World
Fly flies generate light without heat and it is the only organism capable of doing so.
The number of ants in science exceeds 1 million.
Grasshopper can jump to long distances up to twenty times the length of its body.
Ants have no lungs and never sleep. I have 12000 eyes.
Pollen and nectar are the staple food for small fireflies.
Domestic flies eat his food and then eat it again.
The blade can flap its wings 230 times every second.
The female flies 900 eggs during her short life cycle spanning between 15-30 days.

The hat by university
graduates invented by Muslim Arabs in Andalusia to put the Koran above it to apply the meaning of the Almighty (and above all the knowledge of knowledge.
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The fetus in the mother's womb during the whole pregnancy months stores an amount of iron in the liver that is sufficient for only 6 months until the age to be allowed to eat.

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Crying before sleep causes a stroke! In most cases.
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Cars are the most polluting in the world by more than 60% of other pollutants.
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The most prolific manufactures are plastics, which are the most common types of c