Did you know?

Did you know ???? The scorpion:-Scorpion die if approached to fire and to change the properties of proteins composed of his body and heat works on protein coagulation, which causes the scorpion of severe convulsions to the tail special. Crocodile: The crocodile can move its upper jaw when swallowing food and can keep its lower jaw without moving at the same time. Crocodile can live for nearly a hundred years. the blue whale:-

He is one of the largest animals found on the face of the earth, weighing about 200 tons. The whale heart beats only nine times a minute. The tongue of the blue whale weighs the weight of an elephant. The growth of the whale embryo within the mother's womb is completed up to a third of its length. Polar bear : The polar bear is considered one of the fiercest predators on earth. Black and Tigers: - The lager is produced by mating the lion with the female leopard. The taejun is produced by the mating of the tiger with the lioness. Octopus: When an animal is attacked by predators it can get rid of its implant and cause it can grow again after it is lost. I have an octopus with three hearts and a blue blood color to contain on the copper material. the horse : A horse can stand for a long period of time and may reach months without lying Ostrich: The length of eggs ostriches 6-9 inches and weighing 1-4 kg and equal only 1% of the weight of ostriches mother and his eggs ostrich is the largest eggs in the world. The male ostriches can be watered like lions. As the ostriches are faster than the horse. Bat: Did you know that he is the only animal that can fly. The baby can eat a thousand packs every hour. Gazelle: - an animal has no bitterness. Squirrel: -
Can not distinguish red color. the cats: In each ear the cat has 32 bones. Cats can hear ultrasonic sounds.
the elephant :-
The elephant can distinguish the place of water from three miles away.
sea ​​Star :-
He can turn his stomach out and he is the only animal capable of doing so.
Halazon: -
The eye of Halazon grows after being uprooted again. Dog: Did you know that the dog has a 1700 bud tasting on his tongue.
Mouse: A mouse can eat its tail if it does not find what to eat.
Rodent teeth grow the life span.
Did you know that the first zoo was built in the world in 1752 in Vienna at the Palace of Schonbrunn.