Ear infection and treatment methods

The most common ear infections
One of the most common diseases is ear infection and the most impact on the life of the patient negatively in terms of pain and discomfort.
Often, you are surprised by the pain and pain caused by the inflammation of the inner ear or otitis media or external.
Those accompanied by fatigue fatigue for the whole body can exist if the temperature is neglected and the treatment is accompanied by neglect and severe consequences may result in the efficacy of such ear breakdown in performance altogether.

If left ear infection is left untreated, the ear drum may be punctured or damaged in the membrane of the ear drum and can cause severe hearing loss. With time and neglect, the patient may be deaf to the ear.
Children are the most common part of the disease ear infection is very widespread among children and be specially in the channel called Astakious channel, which is part of the important parts of the ear.
It extends from the nasal pharynx to the middle ear and its role is to withdraw fluids from the middle ear.

And press the nasal excess scientifically labeled lymphatic tissue in children, especially on the channel, which leads to the blockage of the audio channel Astacios.
Therefore, there is a great chance of spreading bacterial and viral infections and moving rapidly to the middle ear.
This pain may disappear after a few hours of pain and may last for days and weeks if treatment is neglected.
Spinal secretions may occur as a result of infections by bacterial or viral infections.

There are a variety of causes of ear infection, including:
Pool water or soap inside the ear
Ear gum is collected in large quantities.
Inflammation occurs from Streptococcus bacteria.

A change in ear pressure occurs when you ride the plane.
Sore throat.
The presence of a foreign object inside the ear.
Sinus infection.
To treat inflammation of the ear several ways: -
Including drug therapy and that is under the supervision of a specialist doctor and according to the condition.

The drug treatment is in several types, including, but not limited to, naproxen or acetaminophen or ibuprofen, and this medicine is sufficient and useful in cases of inflammation is not late.
Other types of antidepressants or antihistamines may also be taken in the case of an occlusion of the estacus channel located within the ear.
The antibiotic eases ear pain resulting from bacterial or viral infections.
It also helps in the case of sinusitis or tooth inflammation and soreness.

But there is something more dangerous than ear infection and must be warned of the danger and must be a rapid medical intervention to maintain the ear.
If the patient notices a pus or blood from the infected ear Including high and sustained temperature rise.
The patient suffers from severe pain in the ear and then feeling the pain go away and may be indicative of a hole in the drum.
If accompanied by a feeling of dizziness and pain in the head.
In some cases there is a swelling or tingling of the shape in size in the tissues surrounding the ear.
If the patient notices a pus or blood from the infected ear.