Facts about the heart

Human heart
This powerful pump, which works throughout the day without interruption to the last day in human life, even during the sleep of man does not stop in the pump working 24 hours a day.
And the length of the heart of the adult human between 10-15 centimeters and can be between 12-13 centimeter and weighs the heart of the man who weighed 300 grams, or weighs the heart of the lady about 250 grams. Blood every day the amount of blood approaching 7600 liters, 30 liters at one minute and then during the blood vessels that reach the length of. 100 thousand kilometers.

The heart consists of four chambers with 2 ventricles and 2 ellipses separated by barriers and valves. If we calculate the number of heart beats every minute, the human heart beats in about 70 years and 2.5 billion times and pumps 250 million liters of blood.
The two men shrink and push the blood into the ventricles and in turn send blood to the artery and the artery of the lung and the duration of one pulse is about 0.4 seconds and between the contraction and the pulse takes the heart sometimes quick rest.

The muscle tissue of the heart is made up of non-renewable cells in case of damage. Potassium and magnesium plays an important role in maintaining the heart as well as preserving the blood vessels. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the heart muscle to function properly through exercise and healthy nutrition.
These numbers are the limits of blood pressure between the largest and smallest amount of pressure and the smallest number is when the expansion of the heart muscle and the highest number is the upper limit of pressure.
Some scientists stressed that the energy generated by the heart in one day is capable of driving a truck for miles.
The heart beats the man at a rate less than the pulse of the heart of women as the number of heart beats man 70 minutes compared to 78 minutes for women.