Facts and secrets about the human body

( Fingerprints)
Do not meet two people on his fingerprint became one and each one fingerprint finger special.
( sense of smell)
One can remember about 50,000 different kinds of smells.
(Human blood)
Thousands of kilometers traveled by blood daily journey within the human body and estimated at about 96 thousand kilometers.
(Human body cells)

More than 300 million cells die every minute in the human body, and this number is one in a thousand percent of the number of human body cells.
Every 20 centimeter of the human body lives about 32 million bacteria, most of which are harmless, including what is beneficial to humans.
(Oral lips)
Due to the concentration of capillaries in most of the subcutaneous region, the color of the lips tends to red.
The body excretes sweat through more than 2 million thyroid gland in the body.
It can be an area of ​​one level flat on the size of a tennis court.