human kidney

Human kidney

The kidney secrete a number of hormones needed to stimulate the bone marrow as well as regulate the proportion of fluids in the blood.
One of the worst diseases of kidney disease is renal failure and its main causes:
Hypertension .
Over-taking the medicine.
Complications of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

 Increase protein in the body.
Treatment of renal failure is as follows:
Transplantation of a new kidney in the late or satisfactory cases of complete failure of the kidney.
Renal dialysis, dietary protection and medicines for renal failure.
Reduce the amount of proteins in the body and compensate for sugars, carbohydrates or fat.

As well as reducing the amount of salt and potassium.
An artificial alternative to renal dialysis is used in case the kidney fails to perform its vital functions.
Prevention of kidney diseases: -
This will be by periodic detection of the urinary system as well as urine analysis.

Good, integrated treatment and follow - up of other chronic diseases.
The rapid and early treatment of throat, tonsillitis and any other severe symptoms of the disease.
Treat blood pressure correctly.
Drink plenty of water, fluids and especially in hot weather and summer.
Do not take the medicine in general, unless under the supervision of doctors.
Early detection of glands and rheumatoid diseases