Human memory and types

Human memory and types
The man has three kinds of memory: long - term memory, short - term memory, and three - dimensional sensory memory.
First long-term memory: -
It is the memory that is responsible for the accumulation of what the individual acquires throughout his life from experience. The information that is received by both the intermediate memory and the sensory memory is transferred to it. The long-term memory works on interpreting that information and giving it meaning 

and linking it to other meanings after organizing and analyzing it. This means that the long-term memory capacity can call all situations similar to one that has passed even a long time and has been stored for many years. However, some information stored in that memory can be lost, but not The storage of that information memory is an infinite storage in terms of storage time and capacity. However, memory regulation of information in terms of importance may erase some of them to recall other information that may be important.

Memory Short Range: -
 It is the second stage in the process of storing information, because it receives information that is important through the senses and temporarily maintains it to deal with when needed in a timely manner. The storage of information in the middle memory is cognitive, whether in verbal or visual condition, and the storage capacity of that type of memory is limited, so that a person can not think of many things at the same time. This explains his temporary retention of information H to receive new information.

Sensory memory: -
It receives the external inputs and stimuli of all kinds, and receives these stimuli through the five senses of the human being and is characterized by being unlimited and able to distinguish accurately between the information you reach, and so quickly that the brain can form a comprehensive picture of the place and time In which the memory operates, but the information in that memory is stored in a sensory image only, and is not held for more than a few seconds.

The human memory is linked to three basic processes: coding, storage, and retrieval. The coding is to give meaning to the new sensory stimuli and experiences, to communicate those experiences to long-term memory, and storage is to retain information and retrieval is to call information or experiences stored from the past.


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