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Research has confirmed that men have a weaker smelling of women.

 The first person to go into outer space with his vehicle, which was called avostic, is Russian Yuri Gagarin.

The gravity of the moon is equal to one-sixth of gravity on Earth.

The length of the total blood vessels of an adult body weight of 50 kg or more up to 100 thousand km.

Luna 2 is the first spacecraft docked on the surface of the moon, a Russian in the late twentieth century and at this time Russia was the first to send the first spacecraft to the moon.

In 1969, the first man on the moon was named Neil Armstrong.

In June 1965, the first person in outer space walked by Alexei Leonov.

An animal that smells human at a distance of approximately 500 meters is the elephant.

 Bananas in some regions of the world are described as among the herbs. Tomatoes are also described as fruits.

There are two organs in the human body that never stop growing, the ears and nose where they continue to grow longevity.

Compression of the number of muscles number of human muscles in terms of the number is a locust insect, and you 200 muscle and the number of muscles Locust Locust 900 muscle.

The shellfish can swallow a whole human being.

One of the shortest plays in history was only 30 seconds long.

The mole is known for its drilling ability. It can dig a 95-meter tunnel in a number of hours, a small animal the size of a mouse.

Unknown reason the ducks yell without a sire.

One gram of cobra venom is enough to kill 150 people.

Bird Flies is the youngest bird in the world.

More than 300 million years ago there were cockroaches on Earth.

Some worms eat part of their body if they can not find food.

A donkey can see its hooves gathered at one time because of the eyes of the ass that gives it this vision.