Secrets of the human mind

The brain is the largest part of the brain, accounting for 85 percent of the brain's total weight and the brain weighs 1.5 kilograms.
The mind suffers from the great effort in the case of exposure to a person of continuous violence and the presence of the person in the difficult atmosphere and this person is also prone to depression and hyper-increase in weight and high blood pressure and tension and anxiety.
This is why the brain secretes chemicals to counteract this violence. These substances affect the heart greatly and weaken its performance and thus lead to heart disease that may lead to human death.

A surgery can be performed in the brain and the patient is fully conscious due to lack of pain receptors in the mind.
The human brain uses 20% of the total energy produced by the body and is a significant proportion of one member of the total body energy.

It is possible to think about 70,000 ideas every day.
Memory is not affected by any difference in the person's personality if half of the brain is removed and the other half of the brain can perform all functions after a few days of surgery.
In the case of sleep and dreams If the person continues to sleep and complete his dream until waking up is offered to forget this dream either if the person woke up during the dream is closer to remember the dream.

The brain is subjected to a severe reaction when someone else ignores it. This act is equivalent to and similar to the mother of the body.
The brains of the women shrink by half during pregnancy and regain their normal size within 6 months.
The information travels between the parts of the mind at 260 miles per hour.

More than one hundred thousand chemical reactions occur every second in the brain.
There is a difference between the reaction of men's brains to women's brains.
The human mind is considered to be a member of the human body and fat accounts for about 60% of it. The human brain is composed of about one hundred thousand miles of blood vessels. The food we eat affects the human brain within minutes of eating it.

The human mind is a flexible member and has no limits to growth! The researchers found this. The mind continues to grow because it faces the challenges of the external environment.
It is best to perform the mind to be more complete, to have clean air, good food as well as to exercise things from his inspiration to perform the mind properly.
If a child learns to speak two languages ​​before the age of five, a change occurs in the structure of the mind.

 Sleeping a little may negatively affect the ability of the mind.
The first sensory senses acquired and knowledge by the embryo in the womb of the mother are tactile to the human mind and weigh 3 pounds, equivalent to 454 grams.