Strange and wondrous creatures

the Fox :If the hunger intensifies with foxes lying on his back and holding his breath inside him until his body swells to the bird that he is dead and falls on it and the fox retracts it to eat it. The jungle king: The lion is afraid of cock. the horse The horse dies if its tail is cut.

Ant: An ant can carry more than 50 times its weight. Beetle: The beetle is the animal of the insect world. When you find a dead animal and if it grows up like a dead mouse, it starts its work and digs the ground directly underneath it until it falls into the hole and the dirt descends on it. The reason behind this is that the woman puts her eggs in this grave that she digs to be A good place when the eggs hatch  

the eggs feed these larvae on the prey in the grave that was established for protection and food at the same time. Spider: The spider does not see its prey, but rather indicates its presence by means of the sound vibrations produced by the network of threads that it manufactures to neutralize the prey, which reaches up to 10,000 Hz Strawberry Fruit:It is one of the best antioxidants among fruits and rich in dietary fiber. It increases the efficiency of the circulatory system in the human body and it works to reduce the rate of cholesterol in

the blood. Peppermint oil : It helps to reduce bowel disorders and is due to its effectiveness as an antagonist for convulsions and cramps, it relaxes the muscles of the stomach as well as the intestines and acts as a bacterial antagonist.Eagle: The eagle will commit suicide if he is sick and does not wait for death. Owl: She is the only bird who can look at things with her eyes at the same time. Pyramid: Mexico has the largest pyramid ever built grape fruit : Grapes are one of the best fruits for the human body.