The world of insects and strange


Insects World
Fly flies generate light without heat and it is the only organism capable of doing so.The number of ants in science exceeds 1 million. Grasshopper can jump to long distances up to twenty times the length of its body. Ants have no lungs and never sleep. I have 12000 eyes. Pollen and nectar are the staple food for small fireflies. Domestic flies eat his food and then eat it again. The blade can flap its wings 230 times every second. The female flies 900 eggs during her short life cycle spanning between 15-30 days.

There are some types of poisonous insects that can lead to the death of a person who is infected with a bird or a snake such as wasps, which causes a shock that can lead to death, scorpions where the tail contains the deadly poison, the isolated spider which stays in the dark where the victim bites The black widow, a black-colored insect that kills the victim with poison causing death and other toxic insects such as fire ants, African bees and the next bug. The method of flying in insects differs from that of birds. Insects do not have an internal structure of bones in their wings. The muscles in the wings are connected to the body,

They are harmful to human beings and often constitute a health scare, such as fleas where they are considered carriers of serious diseases such as plague, typhus, wasps that pose a danger to humans and some types of bees, and other harmful insects such as flies, lice, bugs and cockroaches. Insects are an expression called insects that generally cause harm to humans and often constitute a health hazard, such as fleas where they are considered carriers of serious diseases such as plague typhoid, and wasps that pose a serious danger to humans and certain types of bees and other harmful insects such as flies and cockroaches Lice and bugs. Some types of insects are characterized by their 

ability to produce light through the use of chemicals found in the cells of their bodies. This type is called light insects, but this light does not have heat. Firefly and giving you cool lighting at night and others. The feeding of insects varies according to their type. Some of them feed on plants such as bedding, or feed on meat such as insects, feathers, or blood such as lice, fleas, and insects that are harmful to humans and are fed either by mouth or by sucking food. Mouth or by chewing and characterized by the presence of jaws used in biting.