Urinary tract

Urinary tract :-
The urinary system produces a large part of the toxins present in the human body and the urinary system regulates blood pressure in the human body.
It also regulates the level of water in the body during the process of urination and helps the body to improve the concentration of potash as well as sodium ions and sodium ions and maintain the number of hydrogen in human blood.

The urinary system consists of:
The kidneys: -
The kidneys are located in both the Yemeni side as well as the left side behind the abdomen. The length of each kidney is about 12 cm. The total width of the kidney is about 6 cm.
The left kidney is higher than the right kidney. And there is the highest every kidney gland called adrenal gland secretion of many hormones such as Aldersteron and adrenaline, noradrenaline, and there are many functions, such as: Improve the process of metabolism in the body,
As well as works to clean and purify the blood of excess toxins.

Hurebals: -
The urinary transport of the urine by binding it to the bladder where the urine is collected, and then the compound urine passes through the ureters from the kidney to the bladder.
Bladder: -
Is the urine store through which the urine is collected from the kidneys.

Urethra: -
The urethra is an external member of the male that is discharged through the urine.
protection :-
Many diseases of the urinary tract and prevention and care are important to maintain the performance of this device must
Drink water in large quantities not less than 2 liters of water per day.
Do not drink alcohol.
Avoid eating salty foods.
Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Do not take medicines unless you consult your doctor.

The most common diseases of the urinary system:
Inflammation of the kidneys: -
The treatment of kidney inflammation should be done at maximum speed so as not to lead to other serious diseases and lead to neglect of treatment to kidney disorders and fall from the original place. One of the causes of the fall of the kidneys from its place of origin is to do a strong food diet that harms the whole body and the kidney in particular.

Kidney stones: -
Deposits of salts that cling to the kidneys or bladder or ureter are responsible for the formation of gallstones and cause severe pain in the area of the urinary system and impede the exit of urine from the body because of the formation of the gallbladder and impede the path of urine out of the body.
Surgery can be performed by dissecting these gravel and if the size of the stone is small, the laser can be broken.
There are also many other types of sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, mental illness and gonorrhea.

Inflammation and bladder:
The main reason is the presence of bacteria or bacteria in the ready-made polycarbonate.
This problem is most common in older people and children, mainly due to other infections or a defect in the body's immune system.
 And be treated through the use of antibiotics by prescription medical appropriate for this inflammation.