What do you know about the moon?

the moon
(Distance from the moon)
Every year the moon moves away from the earth and weakens its connection to it. It moves by 3.8 centimeters each year, moving away from its old course. The moon was about 22,350 kilometers away from Earth, but now it is about 4,500 kilometers from Earth.
(Is the moon a cup or not?)
Some scientists believe the moon is a planet and some are not. Scientists also point out that Earth is a double planet.

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(Giloja Moon)
The moon is not dead Geelogia When scientists landed on the moon with modern instruments to measure earthquakes and found that the moon occurs on the surface of a set of earthquakes and likely because of the strong attraction with the Earth as well as the centrifugal force of the rotation of

There are a lot of rocks on the surface of the moon as there is a lot of cavities a lot on the surface of the moon and scientists are likely to cavities found result of the impact of rocks in space at the beginning of the composition of more than 4 million years and there are no volcanoes on the surface and there is no earthquakes.

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(Other satellites)
Scientists have discovered that there are no moons other than the moon, which we all know. In the 1990s, a small asteroid called Cruithne, a horseshoe shape, was discovered in the 1990s.
(Apollo 14)

There are no life, no trees, no plants on the moon, but the Apollo 14 astronauts in 1971 brought with it some of the moon's soil and contained seeds planted on the ground and trees grew already.
(The presence of the moon)
The moon was the impact of a large rock the size of Mars Earth since 4.5 billion years ago was during the formation of the solar system.