Bad breath every day

Bad breath is mainly caused by germs and food particles that become trapped in areas of the oral cavity and give off an unpleasant odor. This unwanted odor becomes a nuisance when it exits the mouth during speaking and other daily encounters. A person may be unaware that their breath is bad because the social embarrassment surrounding bad breath often prevents friends and family from referring to it.
What cause bad breath? There is no single answer. Bad breath can be difficult to diagnose and treat because it may arise from one or more areas of the mouth.

As well as the presence of diseases in the mouth, nose and throat is also associated with self-infections in the sinuses secretions of the nose and sinuses that reach the back of the throat and all can cause a foul odor in the mouth in children who suffer from stinking the soul may be caused by a strange object stuck in the nose This happens very often during toys with small objects that can be attached to the nasal cavity through the shell. A small foreign body stuck in the nose can lead to persistent secretions of the nose causing a foul and unpleasant smell.
The infection in the throat caused the smell of a foul mouth throughout its existence while the odor disappears and disappears after the recovery of infection bronchitis and other infections in the upper 

respiratory tract accompanied by cough, which exits the odorous phlegm is an additional source of stinking disease.
If the teeth are not rubbing the teeth, the plaques accumulate. (Periodontitis - periodontitis) increases the problem and thus stinks of the breath, both. As well as the right dimension, it can be able to form a healthy environment, artificial teeth, and develop bad odors.

Brushing your teeth after eating helps get rid of bad breath.
Cleaning between the teeth using the dental floss, once every day, at least helps get rid of mouth odor.
Rubbing the tongue and cleaning it with prepared tools helps us get rid of bad breath.
Cleaning the gums is one of the most important procedures that must be followed to get rid of bad breath.
Drinking more water also helps reduce or eliminate bad breath.

Use a toothbrush in good condition and not worn out: It is very important to use tools intended to clean the teeth, which are in good condition and not worn out, to contribute to the elimination of bad breath.
Undergo a regular check-up at the dentist: Visiting the dentist every period helps to know the used and modern methods to get rid of bad breath.
Chewing fresh parsley or sucking a sugar-free dragee with mint flavor is one of the methods used and available to everyone to get rid of bad breath.