Breast cancer

ماهى اعراض سرطان الثدي؟ - خطوات الفحص الذاتى

Breast cancer
 It is a malignant tumor that affects the breast tissue. It is usually found in the milk ducts of the breast, and this tumor affects women more than men. It is a treatment for this type of cancer that affects the sexes, but the highest percentage of women, which may be permanently cured It includes medication therapy and surgical treatment in some cases requiring surgery.
Breast cancer means that a number of breast cells are beginning to multiply abnormally. These cells divide more rapidly than healthy cells and can begin to spread (metastasis) throughout the breast tissue, into the lymph nodes and even to other organs in the body.
The most common type of breast cancer starts in the glands of milk production, but it is also possible to start in one sub-lobes (Lobe) or in other breast tissue. In most cases, it is not clear why healthy cells in the breast tissue turn into cancerous cells.

Prevention and treatment of breast cancer:
 The process of detecting cancerous tumor before reaching advanced stages is very important to help in treatment methods and it is desirable for women to conduct regular self-examination until it is detected early stages, and thus increase the opportunity for treatment and recovery.
There are many treatments that can be used depending on the stage of the disease, the type of cancer cells, in addition to the desire of the patient. Of the treatments used for breast cancer: treatment can be done by getting rid of the tumor while keeping the breast through radiation therapy, chemotherapy can be done supplementing, and hormone therapy. The use of mastectomy and lymph nodes under the armpit if the disease is in advanced stages, and the patient can be given chemotherapy, hormonal and radiation even after mastectomy as complementary therapies. Chemotherapy can be used initially, tumor removal and breast retention.

Causes of breast cancer: Hormone imbalance:  There are many causes and factors leading to breast cancer so that the risk of infection is greater in females. As the risk of infection increases with age.

Genetic factors and genes:
Genetics and genes also play a greater role in the risk of infection and increase in the presence of other patients in the same family. Number of menstrual cycles: -  Breast cancer is less likely to occur in women with fewer menstrual cycles. Excess weight and obesity: -  Breast cancer increases the risk of breast cancer if breast cancer is used to treat cancer.  HIV infection: - The use of artificial lactation and the non-breastfeeding of the mother and the occurrence of pregnancy at a late age and delayed menopause. Practice some bad habits such as smoking. Prevalence of breast cancer. The presence of benign tumors in the breast

Symptoms of breast cancer:
 Different changes in the breast, such as nipple and skin changes, and cracks or contractions in the nipple. The appearance of tumors under the armpit
 The appearance of redness or something like a wrinkled skin on the breast surface, such as orange peel. The incidence of breast cancer can be detected through the emergence of many symptoms, the breast discharge of different discharge from the area of ​​the nipple are yellow secretions may be mixed with blood. And the appearance of a painless mass in the breast. The nipple is retracted or mastered.
Other possible causes of non-cancerous (benign) tumors in the breast include: