It is a deficiency in the functions of the body and there may also be inorganic diseases and called mental diseases, lead to loss of vitality of the body and obliges the person's bed and disease is a change that happens to human health and it weakens the work of some of its organs, may be small or large, And various treatments, the disease that afflicts the young may not be affected by the elderly.

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It is the information that the doctor receives by examining the patient's body.

One of the most important signs is the so-called vital signs of life

The arterial pressure and normal arterial pressure range between 10-15 cm Hg for systolic pressure and 6-9 cm Hg for diastolic pressure.

Pulse The normal pulse in the adult ranges from 60 to 70 beats per minute.

Body temperature is usually 37 ° C, and the heat is usually taken from the mouth or anus or from under the armpit and it is best to take an enema because it is more accurate.

Hear the heartbeat.

There are many and many diseases that are not counted and are not counted and their types are many and multiple ones: -
chronic diseases:-
The diseases that affect the person as a result of disorder of one of the organs of his body due to lack of attention to health or many other reasons and can treat chronic diseases with drugs and health care and consult with the doctor, and there are diseases that have no treatment and end death, such as malignant tumors and tuberculosis as well as many heart diseases.
Genetic Disease :-
 Which are inherited by the person from one of his parents, is inevitable is not related to the maintenance of the health of his body is a disease is compulsory to be infected by a person such as Thalassemia or allergies and many other genetic diseases and may have a cure after that, or to accompany the person throughout his life, Only the disease disappears as the age progresses.

Allergies: -
Which occurs as a result of allergies of some substances and foods and their contact with the body, such as eczema and rash, which may occur from the use of some creams or shampoos and cosmetics containing chemicals or eating some foods such as fish or eggs and there is no obvious cause of allergies.

Metabolic Diseases: -
 These diseases occur as a result of dysfunction in some organs in the human body such as diabetes, which occurs as a result of the inability of the pancreas to secrete insulin and lead to the shortage of chronic diabetes.

Diseases of deficiency: -
Which occur as a result of the lack of some vitamins or minerals within the body, such as rickets caused by vitamin D deficiency, for example.

Diseases of decay: -
 It occurs only in elderly people as a result of aging, the weakness of some organs and the lack of functioning as well as atherosclerosis, osteoporosis and kidney disease.

Communicable diseases: -
 Are diseases that occur as a result of bacteria, viruses, bacteria and parasites, which cause many diseases and transmitted from one person to another through breathing, blood, air, skin, digestion and sex, and these diseases, influenza, AIDS and plague.

psychological diseases: -
It is the result of stress or exposure to severe painful situations that involve the person in a state of isolation and depression and a referral of severe nervous and uncontrolled disturbances, loss of concentration and loss of some functions of the mind, and there is no obvious organic disease in this type, but something about the patient's mood and psychology.

We will mention in this article some of the diseases, and we will explain them later in other articles: -
Varicose veins - Flu influenza - Lupus - Edema - Autoimmune diseases - Hyperthyroidism - Joint pain -
Hyperglyceride - the milk hormone or prolactin.
Many of the diseases that you will know are just continued lead articles that will give you a slew of articles on the strangest diseases and explain to Wafi.