Dyspepsia indigestion

أعراض وعلاج عسر الهضم والفرق بينه وبين التلبك المعوي - موقع المزيد

If the symptoms of indigestion are mild and there are no obvious symptoms of weight loss or difficulty swallowing, especially if the patient is under the age of 40 or slightly older, there is no need for special tests for diagnosis. In some cases, the doctor may refer to blood tests, ultrasound, or upper gastrointestinal imaging (usually endoscopy)

The symptoms of indigestion are as follows:

There is a large discrepancy in the appearance of dyspepsia symptoms, which can all be shown, or a large part of them, synchronously, or may show a different display each time. The symptoms may be mild, while at other times they may be too severe to disturb the days. Common symptoms are many
Swelling, burning sensation, nausea, vomiting, fullness and fullness even after a snack. The bad feeling may also appear in the form of pain, tightness, burping, constipation.


Causes of Indigestion:
Including disturbances in the work of the locomotive, especially delayed and slow release of food from the stomach imbalance in the system of adaptation and suitability of the stomach to the food coming in, and sometimes contamination caused by the pylori pylori psychological factors, such as the tendency to depression, or tendency to concern.

This disorder is often of a chronic nature - or a tendency to disappear - and then reappear. This is a common problem affecting about 7% - 25% of the population in developing countries

Indigestion is a medical term that describes a disturbance in the center of the negative feeling concentrated in the upper part of the stomach. This bad feeling may appear in the form of pain and tightness, swelling, feeling fullness and fullness (even after a snack), burping, constipation, burning sensation, nausea and vomiting, or, as you know, by name overall: symptoms of indigestion.
This is a functional disorder without obvious cause, such as ulcers, inflammation, tumor or biochemical changes.


Treatment of indigestion

 The researchers confirm that the solution to the problem of indigestion is the drugs that affect the sensitivity of the stomach and the ability of the wall of the stomach to adapt and relax. There are a number of drugs with these characteristics that are still being investigated and tested for the time being.
In cases where mild illness does not require treatment for indigestion.
Dissipation of stress and fears is sufficient treatment if indigestion is caused by nervous or psychological state. In the most difficult cases, medicines that equate, or reduce, gastric secretions can relieve symptoms and help many patients.
 Elimination of Helicobacter pylori, if infection with this germ is confirmed, will help some patients. Drugs that treat constipation have been tried and the pace of gastric emptying has been tried, but its efficacy remains questionable.