The infection may result from infection such as pneumonia and reddish fever, but also by physical damage to the tissue such as exposure to radiation, high temperature, chemical damage, excessive production and deposition of substances in the body (uric acid, arthritis), and even In cases of autoimmune, abnormal and improper production of antibodies, while stimulating an inflammatory process in the tissue that is attacked in the body due to inflammation.

Inflammation is the reaction of the defense or immune system in the human body to the entry of a strange agent of a microbial or bacteria, or a virus or any injury in the tissues of the body and in any area of ​​the body.

And types of infections
 Acute inflammation: -
Is a series of processes that start with the flow of excess blood to the site of injury and then occur what is called blood congestion, which causes redness and localized rise in temperature of the burning, which are the most prominent symptoms of the initial inflammation of the body

In the next stage of inflammation, the degree of permeability of local blood vessels increases, following changes. In this case, leakage of blood fluid and its contents, from blood vessels to the infected site. The direct result of this process is edema (edema) and swelling with a tumor. This swelling causes pressure on the local nerves, the source of pain. Thus arise the underlying symptoms of inflammation.

If the inflammation is outside the body, it is possible to distinguish its distinctive signs and symptoms, clearly, redness or so-called fever, swelling and pain. These signs also appear when an internal member of the body is infected and can not be easily identified if it is outside the body and is clear to the eye.

It is easy to know the type of inflammation by conducting a blood test to see if there is inflammation in the body.

These are a set of major signs of an inflammation of the body:

One of the main signs of allergies, inflammation of redness of the skin and the presence of rash and itching. Use natural home remedies to soothe the skin.

Flu-like symptoms. These symptoms of high body temperature, feeling shiver and loss of appetite. These symptoms should not be ignored when they are felt. If the cause is not flu there may be a high probability of an inflammation of the body. Pain in the joints: -

 This pain may be mild in the joints due to cold weather, or a sign of an inflammation of the body that attacks muscles and bones.

Muscle soreness. : -

When you feel pain in some muscles of your body there is the possibility of inflammation in the body Remember that exercise causes pain to the muscles, but disappears after the rest is the pain does not continue to disappear after the effect.
Fatigue and weakness: -

Do you feel tired and tired lately without the reason being an extra effort? This may be due to an inflammation of the body without learning
Skin rash :-

Treatment of inflammation

When the infection is caused by an infection, the treatment of inflammation is done by antibiotics known as infection that occurs without pollution, it is treated with anti-inflammatory drugs such as steroids, non-steroidal, including acetyl salicylic acid and aspirin is classified as an analgesic and antifreeze, Diclofenac has an effective function for this purpose, voltarin, andomethasin and indomide.

All these drugs prevent the production of prostaglandins, which leads to the expansion of blood vessels and increase the level of permeability of the walls of blood vessels, specifically in the area of ​​inflammation and on this basis, these drugs hinder the transfer of white blood cells to the area of ​​inflammation.