Causes of overheating

Causes of overheating

Genetics: -
Obesity is classified as a genetic disease that can be passed on from one generation to the next by shifting genes that control the appetite and metabolism of subsequent generations. The genetic factor in obesity may be related to DNA.

Physical and psychological diseases:
It is possible that the human body becomes obese due to the side effects of some drugs and drugs. Some health conditions also affect the thyroid gland, its activity, hyperactivity of the adrenal cortex, low growth hormone, night eating syndrome and others. Social determinants. Infectious factors.

nutrition :-
And is the main factor directly in the incidence of obesity, as excessive consumption of high-fat foods increases the weight of the person significantly, and that each body has a specific amount of calories that should not exceed them so as not to become obese, Automatically.

Lack of physical activity:
 The lifestyle that people live in their daily lives is a contributing factor to obesity, as lack of physical activity plays an important role in addition to over-eating.

Studies show that 60 percent of people around the world do not exercise physically to prevent and eliminate obesity, and the availability of transportation, technology and technology has stimulated a lack of physical activity.

Causes of obesity There are many reasons that cause obesity, of these reasons include:
 Psychiatric causes lead to obesity. Many people who are affected by poor mental state lead to an increase in their weight. When their mental state deteriorates, their appetite for food increases and they consume large amounts of food without the attention of the huge food calories they contain. Some drugs cause obesity, there are many drugs that have side effects that cause obesity, because of the composition of substances that cause obesity and increase the weight very much.

There are some bad negative habits that many do when they eat, eating foods and foods high in fat, sweets and carbohydrates that increase weight. Eating between meals This makes the incidence of weight gain is very high lack of movement and the lack of any physical activity that cause obesity and accumulation of fat within the body. There are a lot of imbalances and disorders that occur in the process of secretion of hormones, and this causes a significant increase in weight. Sleeping immediately after meals is one of the most important causes of obesity. Always resort to the easiest and fastest to complete any activity without loss of body energy. There are some genetic factors that affect significantly in the incidence of obesity, the process of inheritance of fat cells beyond the normal limit of parents and grandparents to children is one of the important reasons and difficult treatment in the elimination of obesity and there are also genetic factors make the process of insulin secretion is a large risk of large accumulation Body fat and non-disposal. Many individuals inherit from their parents the enormous capacity to eat large quantities of food.

Risk Of Obesity On Health. Second type of chronic diabetes. Sleep disorder during sleep. Some types of cancer.

 Over-the-counter treatments:
Follow a special diet to gain weight loss.
Regular exercise to burn fat and calories.
Take some special drugs to treat obesity as it helps to reduce the possibility of absorption and storage of fats in the body. Surgical intervention.
The most important processes related to the elimination of obesity are stomach quantification, liposuction, and other operations.