Infection occurs by touching the skin of the patient or by breathing. The patient often enters the stomach stage before the appearance of the skin rash, which distinguishes the disease, which causes a dangerous source that transmits the infection to others. The patient must be isolated and taken to avoid the contaminants.

 Waterpox is a contagious disease caused by the virus (varicella zoster), a disease common among children, but if the adult is more severe and cruel. It is a highly contagious disease, caused by infection with a virus called sciatica
 The infection was one of the most common in the United States, but rarely after the use of chickenpox vaccine, given to children between the ages of one and fifteen months, followed by an additional dose at the age of four to six years. Children vaccinated against this infection are protected, and even if they are infected, they have a mild case of illness.
 Children suffering from chickenpox have a skin rash in the form of itchy patches and have flu-like symptoms. Children must commit themselves to full comfort at home until the rash disappears. The incidence of chickenpox is a danger to the life of the patient in certain cases, such as infected children at the beginning of age, adults or people with low immunity

and if the person infected, be contagious for up to two days before the onset of skin rash, and continues until the crust covers full rash spots Skin. It may appear in the throat, eyes or mucous membranes of the urethra (the bladder-carrying duct), the anus or the vagina. In severe cases, however, the rash may spread to the entire body.


Symptoms associated with the disease: -
Skin rash is the most common symptom of chickenpox, but the patient has several symptoms before the onset of rash one or two days. These symptoms include: high body temperature, loss of appetite for food, feeling of pain in the head, plus
General weakness.
  Recommended nose.
  High body temperature.
  Sore throat.

Cough often dry (not accompanied by phlegm).
  After two days of the previous symptoms begin the most important symptoms, which distinguish the disease of the rash of skin rash on the face and head and chest and back may extend to the arms and legs and this rash appears in the form of bubbles filled with liquid transparent and then explode with time and turn into shells I , That's HIF.
  Within 7 to 14 days of infection, the effects of this rash disappear and the patient automatically heals.


Suggested treatment for this disease:
Antiviral drugs:
Such as aciclovir, and usually begins a day after the onset of symptoms. It is often taken as tablets, five times a day for a week. These drugs do not completely eliminate viruses, but help to relieve symptoms.
Immune globulins: -
This drug is given in the form of injections, even before the onset of symptoms, for people exposed to chickenpox or for those who have not previously infected, who are at risk of infection.
Take a variety of medicines at the order of the doctor:
If the patient is exposed to a severe case of chickenpox infection, such as pregnant women or adults, especially smokers, as well as children under the age of four weeks, as well as people with immunodeficiency, such as people living with HIV, Or who are taking steroids or those taking chemotherapy. These drugs are.


Work to prevent itching: -
Waterpox patients suffer from severe itching. And it is necessary to prevent them, it increases the chance of dermatitis, which leads to the appearance of scars where the pimples. To do this, care must be taken to keep the nails short and clean, as well as wearing cotton gloves or socks in the hands at night, bathing in warm or relatively cold water, and wearing soft cotton clothes. Several preparations, such as those containing collagen, moisturizing creams, or antihistamines, can also be used.