Blood pressure disease

Blood pressure disease
What is high blood pressure?

The report indicates that excessive blood pressure is the higher blood pump than normal, which is 120 mmHg for systolic pressure, and 80 mmHg for the pressure of the diastolic, to become 140/90 or more.
High blood pressure..
All of which are known as the silent killer, affects more than one and a half billion people worldwide, including 16 million in Egypt. Doctors consider that a person has high blood pressure when his symptoms are higher than 140/90 when measured randomly at 3 times. Different days.

Symptoms of high blood pressure

There are often no signs or symptoms of the disease, even if blood pressure indicators reach dangerous levels. A few people with high blood pressure may suffer from headaches, shortness of breath, and nasal bleeding, especially if pressure indicators rise to high levels.

The main causes of compression infection

Genetic factor:
It has been observed in many studies that blood pressure is found in certain households, and in other studies found that parents who suffer from high blood pressure will be children with pressure to their peers.
Obesity and Alcohol: -
 Eating foods that contain high amounts of sodium, the nature of life of some people with stress and extreme work pressure; this leads to a higher risk of blood pressure.
Insulin Resistance Syndrome:
 This syndrome is carried on the X chromosome. This syndrome combines pressure, diabetes, obesity, high insulin, triglyceride and cholesterol.

Other reasons for high blood pressure: -
 There are many diseases that affect humans and result in blood pressure as a side effect, including diseases that affect the kidneys in general, such as chronic renal glomerulonephritis, nephropathy, diabetes, diseases of the renal tubules, and diseases of the renal blood vessels. Many of the diseases that afflict the endocrine system, which result in high blood pressure, such as: tumors of the adrenal gland, Cushing disease, and gallbladder disease. Stress causes aortic aorta to narrow. Pregnancy is an important and known cause of high blood pressure. Some drugs cause stress as a side effect, including cortisone, contraceptives, and other medications.

Periodic detection of blood pressure indicators

When you are 18, you should measure pressure indicators at least once every two years. If you are 19 to 39, you should measure your blood pressure at least once a day. But if you are diagnosed with high blood pressure or you Due to a high blood pressure factor, blood pressure must be measured repeatedly throughout the day.


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