Diseases of bitterness

Diseases of bitterness

 It is a disease that can get bitter.

Gallstones without gallstones:
  Here the patient suffers from symptoms of gallstones but without the presence of gallstones in the gall bladder,
Here, the muscles of the gallbladder or valves fail to function effectively.

Gallbladder inflammation: -
It can be acute or chronic, as a result of stones or a tumor blocking the yellow juice stream, leading to stagnation and the proliferation of bacteria and thus inflammation of the gallbladder.
 Gallstones in bile ducts:
 Where gallstones can slide into the gallbladder or bile ducts, leading to inflammation.

Bladder blast: -
If the patient does not care for the symptoms of gallbladder may lead to the explosion of gallbladder, and if the diagnosis of gallbladder disease has not been removed, the explosion may lead to serious consequences that threaten the patient's life; the rate of death of gall bladder explosion may reach 30%.

 The calcification of the gallbladder wall:
Is a rare case of gall bladder disease and most cases are caused by gallstones.

Abscess in the gallbladder: -
As a result of accumulation of pus of gallbladder inflammation, the pus is a group of dead cells, bacteria and white blood cells.

Gallstones: -
 Cholecystectomy can be made up of substances in the yellow juice such as cholesterol, salts, and calcium, which in turn block the yellow juice stream.

Gangrene in gallbladder: -
 Any member of the body does not function automatically. This also occurs if the gallbladder stops working due to lack of blood ischemia due to inflammation or diabetes or any disease that hampers the bloodstream.

Gallbladder cancer:
 Although rare, non-treatment can lead to cancer spreading to neighboring organs. The cancer moves from the internal surface of the gallbladder to the outer surface, then to the organs that surround the gallbladder, and symptoms similar to severe gallbladder inflammation occur.