Stress and psychological anxiety

Stress and psychological anxiety
Definition of the disease
It is a sleep disturbance, or it can be defined as complaining that you do not have enough sleep during the night, which can negatively affect the patient's physical and mental health. This affects the person's activity during the following day.

Normal sleep for adults is 6 to 9 hours a day, but sleeping longer or shorter does not necessarily mean a health problem, there are people who sleep for only two hours and yet do not have any problem.

As the number of hours of sleep increases, the newborns sleep 18 hours a day. The number of hours of sleep decreases to 7.5 hours per day during adolescence, and decreases after the age of 30 in men and 50 in women. Gender To the mid to late 1950s, the average sleep time is reduced to less than 6 hours per day.

Causes of anxiety and tension
Anxiety and stress disorder is one of the most common cases among people. The main cause is not as obvious as most mental disorders occur to humans. Researchers believe that natural chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters have a major role in getting anxiety and stress disorders. The anxiety and stress disorder is caused by biological processes in the body, genetic factors, environmental factors surrounding the person, and lifestyle. Some studies indicate that the incidence of anxiety and tension is higher in women compared to P men who are suffering from the same disorder ratio; and there are some factors that may be the cause of anxiety disorder and stress injury, namely:

The harsh childhood that a person has experienced, and the difficulties he has encountered in his childhood, those who are subjected to traumatic events are most vulnerable to anxiety disorders and tension. The disease causes anxiety and tension, especially for those who have serious and chronic illnesses. Those who suffer from anxiety, tension and fear of the future and what it carries, and treatments and economic situation may be a heavy psychological burden on patients. Stressors are things that are stressful and troublesome in life, such as exposure to injury, stop work, and low income, which generates anxiety and stress disorders. Personality also has a role in anxiety and stress disorders, and the ability of people to tolerate stress varies from person to person. People are more prone to anxiety and stress disorders than others. Genetic factors are influential in creating stress and anxiety disorders, and some studies suggest a genetic source of anxiety disorders and stress, and genetically transmitted to future generations.

Symptoms of the disease

Feelings of fear and fear are natural and useful reactions in situations that face new challenges. When a person encounters certain situations such as the first interview of engagement or marriage, or the important personal interview for a job or exam day, it is normal for a person to feel feelings Discomfort and anxiety, sweating hands, feeling pain in the mouth of the stomach, and serving these reactions as an important goal as they alert us to prepare to deal with the expected situation.

However, the symptoms of anxiety are very different from the natural anxieties associated with a particular situation. Anxiety disorders are diseases that are specific to medicine and are therefore not natural or useful.

Symptoms of mental illness include all uncontrollable psychological feelings such as panic attacks, fear, obsessive thoughts, obsessive thoughts that are uncontrollable, painful memories that impose on humans and nightmares, and physical medical symptoms Heartbeat and feeling of tingling and muscle tension.

Treatment of anxiety and tension
Treatment is done by medication or by psychotherapy, either by using each method individually or by using it together, depending on the individual's situation and personality.
By taking anti-anxiety drugs and sedatives that relieve anxiety, but these drugs may cause addiction if eaten for a long time; there are also antidepressants, these drugs are the role of the effect in the work of neurotransmitters, which have an important role in The emergence of anxiety disorders and stress, and should not be taken drugs only after a specialist doctor and follow-up.

And by mental health specialists, by identifying psychological sessions using cognitive behavioral therapy methods and other psychological treatment methods.
Behavioral therapy:
This treatment is based on the fact that man acquires his behavior and learns it in a conditional manner based on punishment or reward. Therefore, behavioral therapy aims at re-teaching the patient the proper responses to the situations he is exposed to. , First by imagining the disturbing situations and that the patient faces in his imagination, and then expose him to the concerns and tension directly to overcome the anxiety completely, and this method is effective, but takes time and must be exercised and supervised by a specialist. The therapist analyzes the patient's condition by listening to him, clarifying the problem and understanding it, what the pressure leads to, and then puts the patient with the solutions, chooses which one is best for the patient, is effective for him, and saves him from anxiety completely.


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