The most serious diseases of the age cancer?!

The most serious diseases of the age
Cancer is defined as a range of diseases, an abnormal growth of tissue from the tissues of the body due to a defect in the genetic makeup of the body's natural cells,
And affects different types of organs, and the symptoms vary according to the organ or tissue affected.
Cancer cells are hostile, invading neighboring tissues and destroying them, causing benign, non-serious tumors if detected and treated, while malignant ones spread in the body and follow it,
 The benign tumor can sometimes develop malignancy.
The disease is not limited to certain age stages, but increases the risk of infection as a person's age and symptoms are many can not be diagnosed until after the comprehensive medical examination and medical tests to check the tissue by taking a sample to be examined under the microscope.
The risk of cancer is classified according to the survival rate of patients alive within five years of infection,

 Or the amount of lives that are harvested during the year. The lower the survival rate, the greater the risk of cancer. Any cancer with a survival rate of less than 50% is considered a serious cancer,
 These are the most dangerous cancers:
brain cancer
Brain cancer is one of the most dangerous cancers in humans. Head disease occurs in the brain, cerebellum, or spinal cord, affecting the rest of the brain. Headaches, coughs and an increase in visual impairment are among the most common symptoms of brain cancer. Brain cancer is the second most common cancer in children, with 15,000 deaths a year.

Pancreas cancer

One of the most serious types of cancers is pancreatic cancer. Some studies have shown that 8 out of every 100,000 people a year are diagnosed with the disease. About 39,000 people die from pancreatic cancer every year because of their inability to deal with this serious disease, and it is difficult to diagnose it in its early stages , So lead to rapid death. This disease occurs in the pancreas where it affects and disrupts its work, and then moves to other parts of the body is important as the liver. Eating too much red meat and saturated fat is one of the most dangerous factors for this disease. Age, smoking and diabetes play a role in increasing the risk of this disease. The disease is the fourth most common cause of death in the world. The survival rate is only 6 percent.

Lung Cancer
Lung and tracheal cancer is one of the most dangerous and most prevalent cancers. More than 1.3 million new cases are diagnosed each year, with an estimated annual death rate of 1,800,000. The survival rate is 17%.
This disease affects the respiratory system, smoking is considered the primary factor of infection, in addition to some chemical and industrial volatile, and the most important symptoms is chronic cough, which can be accompanied by blood out with phlegm.