IVF and infertility treatment

IVF and infertility treatment
Artificial insemination is the alternative to natural pollination in the event of a problem when one of the spouses to treat infertility,
The healthy sperm are separated from the distorted or slow sperm, and sperm is washed, treated and inserted into the uterus when the egg is complete,
The sperm enter the fallopian tube, and then fertilize the egg to be pregnant. Date of IVF
Artificial insemination is performed if there is a defect in the semen in males, so the semen is motionless,
And few, these sperm should be treated by a specialist doctor to succeed in the vaccination.
The problem may be present in the uterus, when entering the semen and going to the fallopian tube until the egg is fertilized,

The uterus secrete fluid that protects the sperm; but if this fluid is very sticky or when there is any problem in the cervix is ​​not vaccinated egg,
Or there may be another problem in the uterus is the sensitivity of the semen, specifically the protein content in it, and prevent pregnancy, and when the work of artificial insemination protein is removed by the doctor to be pregnant.

Successful success of IVF is a success rate of 10 to 20%. The success rate depends largely on the age of the wife, the health status of the cervix and egg, and depending on semen, sperm count and safety, and infertility rarely causes uterine problems; Such as bacterial contamination from semen samples, or through pollination tools. Care should therefore be taken to sterilize the instruments thoroughly from bacteria and bacteria.
Scientists believe that women should lie down for a while after the injection of the sperm into their womb, in order to increase the chances of successful industrial fertilization, and doctors advise that women lie at least a quarter of an hour after the operation.
But his study was conducted at the University of Amsterdam Medical Center. "Women should do the opposite and not lie down after the injection." Van Reiswijk, the world's leading woman, monitored 480 women between 2010 and 2014, according to the Spiegel Online website.
According to the study, 236 women received 15 minutes after the injection, and 243 women were raised immediately after the completion of the

industrial injection. Some women repeated the vaccination several times, bringing the number of times to lie down 950 times, and the number of times they rose immediately after the operation without lying down 984 times.

Conditions to be used for artificial insemination
- There is at least one fallopian tube (normal). - Ovaries are able to function normally in terms of the growth of oocytes. - The semen characteristics are "reasonable" and should not be excellent, because

semen can be treated so that sperm can be more able to fertilize the egg.
Cases in which artificial insemination can be used in utero
- Cases of delayed pregnancy without reason (without a clear reason after the work of basic tests). - Cases of endometriosis. - Cases of weak ovulation. - Sperm characteristics of the semen: If the concentration of sperm is not too large, or less movement. - Cases of cervical secretion disorders affecting the ability of sperm to cross the cervix and rise to the uterus. - Erectile dysfunction in which the man can not release semen into the vagina.