Process linking of the stomach

Process linking of the stomach

quantities of food that is consumed more.
The procedure is performed by placing a ligament around the upper part of the stomach using a binocular, to divide the stomach into two sections, a narrow corridor. This passage allows a small amount of food to reach the lower part of the stomach after the person has already felt full. The food he ate.
The doctor controls the narrowing or widening of the passage between the two parts of the stomach after the operation by using a needle dedicated to enter the brine to fill the connector cavity to

narrow, or emptying of the solution expands, and thus control the speed of food access to the bottom of the stomach.

The process of connecting the stomach is a process to reduce the size of the stomach for people who want to lose weight, as it reduces the amount of food absorbed by the stomach, helps to fill quickly and feel fullness in a faster time.
The operation is performed under the influence of total bing. However, it is not a surgery in the traditional sense. It is performed by making five small incisions in the abdomen, each of which is only one centimeter wide, through which the endoscope is inserted into the tube.

Damage to the process of connecting the stomach
Some may become infected by sliding the bound piece of the stomach causing bleeding and inflammation of the stomach or may cause blockage in the case of hanging down the abdomen, or entering the food to it, and then need to another process to get rid of it, or may be affected by this piece weakly allow the passage of some nutrients, Weight loss. A person may become deficient in some nutrients, leading to anemia due to reduced amounts of food that a person can eat at a time. He may also experience dehydration or decrease in sugar due to changes in eating and absorption of food. Supplements prescribed by the doctor.

uring or after the operation, the patient after the process to follow a specific diet to be able to get the desired results during the first period after the operation, and damage to the process of linking the stomach and complications: People from the process of connecting the stomach and other processes of the complications of the drug used and this depends on the nature of the patient's response to the drug, and may be transmitted to the stomach during the operation, and there is a greater risk of infection of the stomach ulcer than the chance of injury to people who did not. After a stomach ligament may suffer from losing weight as the years go on, it is normal for a person to lose a lot of weight during the first three years or to extend to the first five years, due to the ability of the rubber stomach to re-expand. The person returns again to gain weight.