Damage to hip slimming and phobia agility

Damage to hip slimming and phobia agility

Many young people resort to so-called "slimming pills" as an easy alternative to sports or diet. Is it safe or does it have side effects? "The side effects of weight loss pills depend on the quality of the pill and the extent of its use," said Dr. Zineb al-Aradi, a professor of nutrition at the University of Khartoum. Tension, nervousness and anxiety make the individual socially unwell, lead to insomnia and lack of sleep, leading to heart arrhythmia and high blood pressure. Moreover, long-term use leads to addiction. The second type of pill, which interferes with absorption of nutrients from the intestines without discrimination , Command Dr. Zineb advises that you have a strong will to organize your meals and to follow a healthy sport style instead of using these harmful drugs.

Clear Consequences for Slimming Drugs! The "magic mix" or even the "experiment and selection" is one of the most common people in this age of speed, in terms of taking pills slimming and slimming. The more you hear about a product you try and the more you make it, the more you will be the first to buy! But it should be said that such drugs should never underestimate the extent of their power and negative repercussions. "When one relies on

low-weight pills to lose weight, blindly trusts in their effectiveness, and therefore abandons a regular and healthy diet. It also ignores movement and sport, which harms his life system and does not develop his physical abilities. These drugs may not fit the individual, being prepared for everyone, without taking into account the history of each person and even his genetic health. It is possible that the pills interact with some drugs and cause a number of side effects. Not to mention the danger of addiction to these «drugs», which is similar to drug addiction. It has been shown that some slimming pills are closely linked to cases of heart palpitations, high blood pressure, and can lead to damage to the heart valves. In addition to being causing insomnia, headaches, constipation and even hair loss and hallucinations in more sophisticated cases ». Slimming drugs are the elimination of grease in the

body. It is true that it works to prevent the absorption of fat in the blood stream, but instead to empty the intestine. Another type of product gives a full sense of satiety to the person after eating as little food, as the metabolic rate accelerates. Therefore, a person must know what he is eating and what suits his body and state of health.
Reducing weight Need to go to the maximum ways to get rid of excess grease, but can make some adjustments to lifestyle, allowing loss of fat and maintain fitness and health together. Nutrition specialist Nicole Eid gives some suggestions from the experiences and experiences of many to succeed in controlling hunger attacks, to be able to reduce weight in a safe and healthy manner without side effects:

Risk of taking slimming pills
1 - should take pills slimming for a period of not more than six weeks, and advised not to stop eating suddenly, but gradually. 2 - should be taken under the advice of a doctor and follow the person all the instructions set by the doctor, which vary from person to person. 3 - It is forbidden to treat people with excess acidity in the stomach, which may lead to stomach ulcers. 4 - Many experiments have shown that slimming pills, which lead to weight loss, have a strong effect at the beginning of use but after a period less effective in weight loss. 5 - should not be given to patients with viral hepatitis C, because eating these tablets increases the burden on the liver. 6- It is forbidden to treat patients with kidneys or who have only one kidney. 7 - Do not double the amount of tablets containing the

substance Abinzvitamin inhibitory appetite, so as not to lead to addiction. 8. Do not use weight loss tablets for people with heart disease and high blood pressure.
- and get used to the use of slimming pills may lead to addiction, and affect these pills negatively on the liver and impede the performance of its functions because of the increase in the proportion of toxins in the body resulting from excessive intake.
- Gastric ulcers: Slimming pills affect the stomach and may lead to gastric ulcers, because the stomach can not afford the extra burden of these pills.
- The incidence of depression, and some types of these pills working on the body does not benefit from some parts of the food that converts it to heat.

- Slimming pills severely and negatively affect the body hormones that interact with these pills, leading to a defect in the normal level of secretion, especially the female hormone and thyroid hormone.
- As a result of the main role of slimming pills, which is the dissolution of fat accumulated in different parts of the body abnormally, it may dissolve the fat surrounding the kidney, which acts as a kidney, and result in the collapse of kidney failure, and may worsen this situation leading to kidney failure.